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You may be surprised by the number of independent Christian schools across the British Isles. We hope you can find one near you using our sister site:

New Christian Schools


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About Us

Who we are

We are a group of Christians in the United Kingdom, seeking to raise our children to love, know and serve God with all their heart.

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Will I be sheltering my children from the “real world” if I send them to a Christian school?

There is a common misconception that Christian schools shield children from every temptation and sinful exposure. This is not true, nor is it even possible. Christian schools have the same types of kids non-Christian schools have—sinners! Because all children come into this world with a sin nature, they are all prone to selfishness, anger, malicious talk, coveting, and the list goes on. In addition, they are exposed to many of the worldly influences that all children are exposed to in movies, books, television and more.

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