Answering Your Questions

Answering Your Questions

If you’re a concerned parent trying to make a wise educational choice for your children, you’ve probably come here with plenty of questions — maybe even a few objections — regarding Christian education.

We want you to know that all of them are valid, and they warrant serious discussion.  And while it’s virtually impossible to address every potential question, we’ve made an honest attempt to answer several of the most common ones.

1.  Can my children get a quality education at a Christian school? (answer)

2.  What is a Christian education? (answer)

3.  What if we can’t afford a Christian education? (answer)

4.  What does God tell us to do with our children? (answer)

5.  I went to public school and I turned out okay.  Can’t my children do the same? (answer)

6.  Why should I send my child to a school that’s nowhere near my house when the public school is right across the street? (answer)

7.  Many of my friends say they want their kids to be salt and light in the public schools.  Shouldn’t we do that? (answer)

8.  If I put my children in Christian school, will I be sheltering them from the real world? (answer)

9.  My child wants to play sports, and the local Christian school has a weak athletic program.  What should I do? (answer)

10. My child’s friends go to public school.  What should I do? (answer)

11. Is a Christian school a safe place? (answer)

12. When is the best time to put my children in a Christian school? (answer)

13. Will attending Christian school make my children Christians? (answer)