My Child Wants To Play Sports, And The Local Christian School Has A Weak Athletic Program. What Should I Do?

Let’s clear one troublesome hurdle right from the start. Not once does Scripture even hint that athletic competition is sinful or immoral. In fact, the Bible encourages healthy competition. Unfortunately, too many Christians presume that once the lawfulness of an activity has been established, they are free to pursue it the same way the world does.

Many Christian parents place their children in secular schools solely because of the athletic program. For them, the pursuit of sports has taken precedence over the pursuit of wisdom. This is an anti-biblical mindset. While we sympathize with parents who want their children to have every opportunity to succeed in athletics, the truth of the matter is that they can participate in sports without attending public schools.

Many Christian schools offer sports programs, as do parks and private leagues. And for those of you who have particularly gifted children, it may help you to know that college and professional sports rosters are dotted with graduates of Christian schools. If your kids are good enough, the scouts will find them.